DARcorporation engineers modeled and simulated a semi-trailer for the purpose of researching drag reduction devices for such vehicles.

SkyDrill Wind Turbine

DARcorporation was involved in the aerodynamic and structural design and prototype testing of the SkyDrill Power Systems Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), which turns at much lower rpms and produces less noise pollution.

LSA Nexaer LS1

DARcorporation was involved with the design and development support of a new LSA category composite airplane for Nexaer and performed a design review for the Nexaer LS1.

Boeing 707-320B

DARcorporation conducted a water tunnel test on a modified Boeing 707-320B for AEL Industries (now BAE Systems) featured on an episode of the Smithsonian Channel's Mighty Planes.


DARcorporation engineers did stability and control analysis and CAD work on a twin-engine propeller all-composite experimental airplane for DreamWings.

Safire Aircraft

DARcorporation did preliminary sizing, design verification, aerodynamic, stability & control support of a small business twin-engine jet, including wind tunnel testing & management for Safire Aircraft Company.

Milner AirCar

DARcorporation was involved with the research, design & analysis of the patented Milner AirCar; a completely self-contained 4-door, 5-seat advanced-composite road-able aircraft (flying car).

Oliver VTOL Hexplane

DARcorporation performed multiple studies on the design & analysis of the Oliver VTOL Hexplane related to weight, performance, RDT&E (Research, Development, Test and Evaluation) cost & ground effects.

Hi-Q Wind Turbine

DARcorporation was involved in the aerodynamic design, structural design and prototype testing of the Hi-Q wind turbine which is an unconventional horizontal axis wind turbine.


DARcorporation cooperated on the design, simulation, fabrication & installation of P-3B/P-3 Orion radar integration: 15 MCoRDS radars as wing installations; Accumulation, Snow & Ku-band radars as bomb bay installations.

Glasair Merlin LSA

DARcorporation assisted on the stability & control analysis & aerodynamic analysis of the new Glasair LSA Merlin, including trim diagrams with corresponding control surface deflections, lift coefficients & wing span trade studies.


DARcorporation developed the wing mounted radar enclosures, participated in the analyses of aerodynamic characteristics & the structural configuration, all designed to withstand the extreme temperatures.

Basler BT-67

DARcorporation participated in the analyses of aerodynamic characteristics & structural configuration. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) cases are analyzed to generate aerodynamic loads, check for turbulence in the vicinity of the installation and optimize the aerodynamic shape.

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