Project Description

Cargo Stop Block Testing

Testing & Analysis

DARcorporation engineers worked with JANA Engineering to evaluate the effectiveness of the Cargo Stop Block, a cost-effective tool to minimize the impact on aircraft stability and fuel burn. Aggressive aircraft maneuvering during take-off, landing braking or turbulence can cause baggage to shift, particularly in aircraft that do not have multiple cargo nets in the cargo bay. The Cargo Stop Block also improves operational safety for the ground service agents that no longer have to force open cargo doors that have become blocked due to a load shift, risking personal injury. As a result, operational performance also improves as cargo and commodities can be accessed and unloaded without delay. Stop Blocks are an effective tool in preventing load shifts that can impact the safe carriage of commodities, such as mobility aids, human remains, and animals, in addition to preventing cargo hold interior damage. DARcorporation engineers simulated the environment and movement of the cargo bay, at various pitch angles, using different types of luggage and cargo. They were able to determine the acceleration levels required to cause baggage shifts. Using the Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) software, DAR engineers were able to estimate the resulting impact to aircraft stability and fuel burn.

“On behalf of Jana, Inc., I would like to thank the DAR Corp Team for completing the Cargo Stop Block Analysis Report & Executive summary on time.
We truly appreciate the way you prepared this report and how you took care of each and every requirement. DAR’s collective expertise is truly impressive and we appreciate the commitment that helped us to obtain all our goals.
Once again, my sincere thanks to you to work with us, and all your talents, efforts, and skills are truly appreciated.”
Andre Rice Jr, Project Manager, JANA, Inc