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New Features:
  • Fix startup issue with Windows 10 and WIBU encryption
  • Fix issue related to the Group Operation segment when entering thrust force instead of the power setting (percentage)
  • Fix issue that prevented the computation of a mission parameter study
  • Higher numerical precision in the output of mission computations using the command line mode
  • Revised Energy Exchange segment
  • Added the -log command line flag to App6.exe to show a debug console and write a log file
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New Features:
  • Visual improvements for users with high DPI screens and large display scaling factors
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New Features:
  • Correct Landing Roll segment to stop properly
  • Limit line set in Turn-Rate Chart (SEP) under specific condition
  • Significantly improved writing speed of files
  • Expanded the description of mission segments in the User Manual
  • Fuel at End of Mission user interface elements improved when using external tanks
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New Features:
  • Improve Configuration user interface
  • Add capability to import Propulsion data from other APP 6 aircraft files
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New Features:
  • Correct thrust calculation for propeller aircraft with multiple engines
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New Features:
  • New User Interface, intuitive and easy to learn
  • New Aircraft Model File Type and Configuration Management
  • Improved and smooth Workflow
  • Support for Fixed and Variable Pitch Propeller Aircraft (Piston & Turboprop)
  • Simulation of Take-off, Landing, Rejected Take-off and Balanced Field Length
  • Mission Parameter Study (automate mission computations)
  • New Mission Segments: Descent at const. Mach, CAS, EAS, Energy Method for Max. Rate Climb, Cruise at opt. Altitude and constant Mach.
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APP 6.0 Aircraft Examples
  • Light-Weight Fighter
  • Light Single Engine (variable propeller)
  • Small UAV (fixed propeller)
  • Boeing 747-100
  • Airbus A320
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