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DARcorporation has been offering aeronautical engineering software and consulting services since 1991 and is a world class aeronautical engineering and prototype development company that boasts a team of highly skilled aeronautical engineers, software developers, project managers and prototype production personnel. Our primary objective is to help you design and build safe and predictable aircraft.

DARcorporation engineers work with customers to solve their most critical problems and combine extensive engineering experience with computerized simulation tools to provide the services our customers want. Our years of experience, coupled with a practice of doing “trial and error” aircraft design on our computers, ensures that you will not be surprised by major mistakes on the production floor or in flight testing. Our disciplined approach to designing, analyzing, building and testing aircraft will ensure a successful product. Through the following disciplines, DARcorporation provides professional services for the design and analysis of aircraft and aircraft systems.

Projects in Aircraft Design

Aircraft Configurations

We begin every project with a careful review of objectives and existing data and then offer an assessment that includes a cost projection and timeline. Our engineers use conceptual sketches and specifications to produce a complete design. Or, if you need a review of an existing design, we will analyze your design and provide you a documented projection of performance and cost of you aircraft and perform a detailed comparative analysis of your competitor’s product, including weaknesses and strengths. Services include:


DARcorporation engineers can perform detailed aerodynamic analysis on any flight vehicle using our experience in combination with several aerodynamic software tools including STAR-CCM+ and flightStream®. These tools are used to simulate the air flow around the aircraft and evaluate how the fluid interacts with the aircraft surfaces for any type of aircraft configuration. Coupled with our Advanced Aircraft Analysis software, the CFD results aid in aerodynamic and stability & control analysis for conventional and unconventional types of aircraft.

DARcorporation also utilizes the Quasi-Vortex-Lattice Method, such as VORSTAB, to analyze both attached and vortex-separated flows to calculate longitudinal and lateral-directional aerodynamic characteristics for various aircraft configurations. Our aerodynamic expertise is not limited to aircraft. Our tools allow us to analyze any body that has air flowing around it. Using these CFD packages, we can also analyze and optimize airfoils to provide the optimal lift, drag, moments and pressure distribution for aircraft lifting surfaces such as wings, horizontal tails, vertical tails, canards and V-tails. Services include:

Projects in Aerodynamics


Our engineers use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods and software to analyze aircraft structures for strength, stiffness, dynamic modes, fatigue, flutter, crash/impact tolerance, etc. Pressure distributions, experimental or analytical, are mapped to the structural model to account for the aerodynamic loads. Inertial and thermal loads are also included in the FEA modeling and most load cases are based on LSA, U.S. Experimental Category, FAR 23, FAR 25 and U.S. MIL SPEC requirements.

Structural analysis software (Femap/Nastran, AFGROW, ZAERO, LS-DYNA, etc.) is used to model and analyze the structure, which can be made of metals (steel, aluminum, etc.), composites (glass, carbon, etc.) or any combination of metals and composites as well as bonded and fastened joints.

Results such as stresses, deformations, buckling factors, natural frequencies, flutter speeds, impact forces, etc. are compared against possible failure modes to ensure structural integrity. The structural analysis yields material selections, material thicknesses and composite layup schedules and produces an optimized structural configuration. Services include:

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