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New Releases

New Features:
  • New Geometry Import

  • New Geometry Operation

  • IGES CAD Import Options

  • CAD Import: Custom Cross-Section (CCS) File Format

  • Solver: Unsteady Wakes

  • New Motion Definitions

  • Turbulent Trips: Artificial Boundary Layer Transition Lines

  • Base Flows: Modeling Of Blunt Trailing Edges

  • Periodic Symmetry: Multi-Blade Propellers In Steady Rotary Flow

  • Boundary Layer: Surface Roughness Model

  • Enable/Disable Solver Boundaries In Analysis

  • Volume Sections: Near-Wall Prism Layer Cells

  • Volume Sections: Circular & Annular Sections

  • Probe Points: Surface/Volume Types

  • Surface Sections: Boundary Selection & Automatic Sorting

  • MSC Nastran File Format Export: Pload BDF Files

  • Enhanced User Interface, Ease-Of-Use Features

  • FlightStream Scripting

Download 2020.2 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Fast Multipole Method (FMM)

  • New Field Parameters

  • New Viscous Drag Mode: Boundary Layer Momentum Integral

  • New Coordinate Systems Rotation Tool

  • New File Export Option: Force Distributions Export File

  • Substantial Speedup Enhancements

  • Copy/Paste Spreadsheet Data

  • Enhanced Meshing Quality

  • Enhanced Mesh Hole Filling

  • Updated Scripting A.P.I.

  • Mesh Diagnostics On Non-Degenerate Faces Only

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Download 2020.1 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Relaxed Kutta Separation Modeling

  • Boundary Layer Transition: Improved Viscous Forces Model

  • Advanced Aligned Mesher for Anisotropic Quad Meshes

  • Automated Pressure-Spike Cleanup

  • Steady-State Rotary Solver for Hover

  • Extended IGES Entities and CAD Solids Import

  • Extended CAD Create Intersection Tools

  • New Solver Sweeper Toolbox Export Options for FEA

  • Automated Mesh Quality Improvement Tool

  • Solver Field Parameter Threshold Selection Options

  • Expanded Selection Tools

  • Solver Color-map Range Cut-off Tools

  • Updated Scripting API

  • IGES CAD Planes Parameterization

  • IGES CAD Surface Duplication

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Download 11.4 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Enhanced unsteady solver capabilities
  • Improved rotor induced velocity models
  • Enhanced parallel processing
  • Compatibility refinement meshing tools
  • Structural finite element modeling pressure export
  • Abaqus input file geometry import
  • Plot3D CAD reconstruction import
  • CAD Create Tools:

    • Rotational surfaces between drawing curves
    • Transferring meshing curves to drawing curves
  • Mass-flow inlet boundaries
  • Inlet boundary meshing tools
  • Scripting-based solver sweep runs
  • Improved CAD orientation on import
  • Compressibility issues at very high subsonic Mach numbers
  • Simulation file saves on network drives
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Download 11.2 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Stall prediction, CLMAX and non-linear aerodynamics

  • Laminar/Turbulent boundary layer transition
  • Stability & Control Toolbox
  • Higher-order compressibility models
  • Improved moments computation
  • New freestream velocity distributions
  • Automated surface streamlines for viscous loads
  • New CAD Repair options
  • Updated scripting API
  • Improved CAD import robustness
  • Geometry face orientation issues
  • Improved robustness in CAD-based meshing
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Download 11.0 Release Notes