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New Features:
  • Flagship Enhancements — New: Revamped S&C toolbox that allows massive new flexibility with user-defined static and dynamic stability coefficient computations. Parametrized coefficients, custom coordinate systems, boundary lists and more. Fully scriptable and automated!

  • Unsteady Solver Enhancements

    • New: 6DOF motion definition has ability to specify initial conditions and to create constrained motions. New applications enabled by these features include autorotations, 3DOF stability and vehicle response analysis
    • New: Wake termination node by time steps instead of truncation by plane only. This powerful feature allows simulation of viscous vortex decay in very low advance-ratio (and hover) simulations and allows robust modeling of hovering rotors and propellers
  • General Solver Enhancements

    • New: Flow separation models can be specified by boundary, enabling both models to be applied on specific boundaries within the same simulation runs
    • New: Toggle to enable pure inviscid loads and moments in addition to default decoupled-viscous and viscous-coupled simulation modes
    • New: Toggle to enable wake relaxation modes
  • Geometry Pre-processing enhancements

    • New: CCS file format supports advanced flap and high-lift device modeling with new abilities to model slots, gaps and flap leading edges
    • New: Simplified CCS control surface settings reduce user overhead and inputs
  • CAD improvements – New: CAD Create–>CCS format tools and performance improvements

  • UI Enhancements – New: plots mean value function allows selection of individual plots for data processing

  • Miscellaneous

    • New FlightStream Youtube Channel with 20+ training videos, tutorial simulations and more
    • Enhanced User Guide with several new best-practices topics
    • Enhanced scripting API for all new features described above
    • Several bug fixes
New Features:
  • Flagship Enhancements — New: Massive computational performance speedups and memory reductions without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Unsteady Solver Enhancements

    • New: Fluid‐Structure interactions capability added to support static and dynamic aeroelasticity, flutter and time-domain flexible structure analyses with full geometric fidelity
    • New: Flight control system module added. Enables users to link control surfaces and hinges to an external user defined FCS to perform pseudo‐time or full time‐ domain flight dynamics analyses in conjunction with above 6DOF and gust models
    • New: Gust encounter capability added to unsteady simulations with ability to specify FAA gust models or user‐defined custom gust models.
    • New: 6DOF simulations now have extensive external force models that include constant impulses, custom userdefined force‐vs‐time and force‐vs‐distance profiles, spring forces, pneumatics, buoyancy and gravity force options
    • New: Custom motion definitions now support position‐time and velocity‐time inputs
    • New: Unsteady solver wakes truncate to the same wake termination location as the steady solver
    • New: Unsteady solver force and fluid time plots now allow users to specify units
  • General Solver Enhancements:

    • New: Mesh mirroring now guarantees symmetry of meshes for full‐vehicle analyses
    • New: Automatic turbulent boundary layer log‐law velocity profiles
    • New: Cross‐flow separation models for high side‐slip lateral simulations as well as missile and submarine hydrodynamics analysis
  • Geometry Pre‐processing enhancements

    • New: Unite toolbox negative volume function allows users to subtract geometry components as well as uniting them. Allows for the creation of internal ducts easily
    • New: Mesh diagnostics metrics
    • New: CCS file format supports multiple new types of control surface designs
    • New: CCS file format meshing tools now allow specification of user‐defined refinement zones to cover wing‐fuselage or wing‐nacelle type mesh junctions
    • New: CCS file format supports ability to design slotted flap coves
  • CAD improvements

    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Completely overhauled user‐interface and graphics
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>CCS file format export functions to interactively create new CCS files from existing CAD and STL geometries. New copy/paste functions were also added to streamline the data transfer
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Point curve types added + ability to handle degenerate curves
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Ability to merge overlapping 3D drawing curves
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Wing and lifting surface meshing tools with interactive CCS functionality
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Surfacing and lofting preview graphics
    • New: CAD Create‐‐>Drawing curve resolution control options added to Advanced Settings
    • Enhanced UI & minor bug fixes for CAD repair operations
  • Post‐processing

    • New: Probe‐point line survey tool added. Ability to create a 3D line of probe points around the geometry for extracting survey data
    • New: Probe points editor with graphical functions and interactive spreadsheet capability
    • New: Surface 2D sectional loads option for surface sections. Enhanced capability allows for users to extract 2D sectional data from 3D simulations that includes the effects of boundary layers and flow separation
    • New: On‐body streamlines have the ability to generate boundary layer velocity profiles along streamlines, in addition to generating integral boundary layer information. Ability to export spreadsheets containing full boundary layer information
    • New: Unsteady solver animation controls allow automatic reupdating and export of volume sections alongside earlier surface data exports
  • UI Enhancements

    • New: solver farfield layer visualization option added
    • New: plots mean value function enhanced with new options and robustness
    • New: Ability to copy plots from graphical window to clipboard. Allows pasting of plot data directly from FlightStream to Excel and other text editors
    • New: cleaned adaptive context menu for plots window
  • Miscellaneous

    • Enhanced user‐guide with several new best‐practices topics, tutorials and more
    • Enhanced scripting API for all new features described above
    • Several bug fixes
New Features:
  • Unsteady Solver Enhancements

    • Periodic symmetry for unsteady axisymmetric simulations (hover, cruise props)
    • Higher accuracy flow field from unsteady wakes
    • Enhancements to the unsteady loads and moments computation
    • New: unsteady custom and user-defined time plots for forces and moments
    • New: unsteady probe point volumetric flow condition plots
    • New: unsteady solver animation export features
    • New: 6DOF integration for full-vehicle simulations
    • Enhancements for modeling hovering/low-advance-ratio props and rotors
  • New Viscous-Coupled Solver

    • New: Direct boundary-layer viscous-coupled solutions for steady, rotary and unsteady solver modes!
    • New: Pre, at- and post-separation boundary layer modeling
    • New: Stall prediction using viscous coupling
    • The boundary layer drag model using momentum integral methods has been fully implemented now and generates much cleaner and better results for CD0 from FlightStream
    • Compressibility modeling in the boundary layer has also been improved for better stall predictions at higher Mach numbers
  • Post-Processing Enhancements

    • New: Axisymmetric surface pressure plots
    • Enhanced volume section BL visualization tools
    • New: Integrated surface pressure sectional load distributions
    • New: Boundary layer data on surface streamlines
    • New: Integrated viscous velocity map contours for boundary layer ingestion flows
    • New: live plot data point query tools: extract data live from plots by clicking on them
    • New: solver sweeper result matrix plotting
  • New Toolboxes

    • New: aeroacoustics toolbox!
    • New: Reduced Order Aerodynamics Toolbox for flight-simulation aero databases
  • Geometry Pre-Processing Enhancements

    • New: Circular copy/paste pattern operations for propeller/rotor modeling
    • New: Number of copies in copy/paste
    • Wavefront OBJ file format supports full quad meshes
    • Enhancements to the boolean unite mesh quality
    • Merge mirrored components
    • Improved tools in threshold-based selection panel
    • Improved Abaqus INP file format (minor bug fixes)
  • CAD Improvements

    • New: CAD Create–>Auto cross section capability for generating CAD from STL files
    • New: CAD Create–>Mean camber surface CAD creation
    • New: Export CAD drawing curves to CCS format
    • Enhanced CCS import file format features
    • Enhanced UI for CAD repair operations
    • Improved robustness of IGES file import (several bug fixes)
  • UI Enhancements

    • New: Light/Dark mode UI options
    • New: graphical and plot control tools
    • New: contour colormap UI options
    • Enhanced scripting API for all new features described above
    • Several UI crash bugs were fixed
New Features:
  • New Geometry Import

  • New Geometry Operation

  • IGES CAD Import Options

  • CAD Import: Custom Cross-Section (CCS) File Format

  • Solver: Unsteady Wakes

  • New Motion Definitions

  • Turbulent Trips: Artificial Boundary Layer Transition Lines

  • Base Flows: Modeling Of Blunt Trailing Edges

  • Periodic Symmetry: Multi-Blade Propellers In Steady Rotary Flow

  • Boundary Layer: Surface Roughness Model

  • Enable/Disable Solver Boundaries In Analysis

  • Volume Sections: Near-Wall Prism Layer Cells

  • Volume Sections: Circular & Annular Sections

  • Probe Points: Surface/Volume Types

  • Surface Sections: Boundary Selection & Automatic Sorting

  • MSC Nastran File Format Export: Pload BDF Files

  • Enhanced User Interface, Ease-Of-Use Features

  • FlightStream Scripting

Download 2020.2 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Fast Multipole Method (FMM)

  • New Field Parameters

  • New Viscous Drag Mode: Boundary Layer Momentum Integral

  • New Coordinate Systems Rotation Tool

  • New File Export Option: Force Distributions Export File

  • Substantial Speedup Enhancements

  • Copy/Paste Spreadsheet Data

  • Enhanced Meshing Quality

  • Enhanced Mesh Hole Filling

  • Updated Scripting A.P.I.

  • Mesh Diagnostics On Non-Degenerate Faces Only

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Download 2020.1 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Relaxed Kutta Separation Modeling

  • Boundary Layer Transition: Improved Viscous Forces Model

  • Advanced Aligned Mesher for Anisotropic Quad Meshes

  • Automated Pressure-Spike Cleanup

  • Steady-State Rotary Solver for Hover

  • Extended IGES Entities and CAD Solids Import

  • Extended CAD Create Intersection Tools

  • New Solver Sweeper Toolbox Export Options for FEA

  • Automated Mesh Quality Improvement Tool

  • Solver Field Parameter Threshold Selection Options

  • Expanded Selection Tools

  • Solver Color-map Range Cut-off Tools

  • Updated Scripting API

  • IGES CAD Planes Parameterization

  • IGES CAD Surface Duplication

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Download 11.4 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Enhanced unsteady solver capabilities
  • Improved rotor induced velocity models
  • Enhanced parallel processing
  • Compatibility refinement meshing tools
  • Structural finite element modeling pressure export
  • Abaqus input file geometry import
  • Plot3D CAD reconstruction import
  • CAD Create Tools:

    • Rotational surfaces between drawing curves
    • Transferring meshing curves to drawing curves
  • Mass-flow inlet boundaries
  • Inlet boundary meshing tools
  • Scripting-based solver sweep runs
  • Improved CAD orientation on import
  • Compressibility issues at very high subsonic Mach numbers
  • Simulation file saves on network drives
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Download 11.2 Release Notes
New Features:
  • Stall prediction, CLMAX and non-linear aerodynamics

  • Laminar/Turbulent boundary layer transition
  • Stability & Control Toolbox
  • Higher-order compressibility models
  • Improved moments computation
  • New freestream velocity distributions
  • Automated surface streamlines for viscous loads
  • New CAD Repair options
  • Updated scripting API
  • Improved CAD import robustness
  • Geometry face orientation issues
  • Improved robustness in CAD-based meshing
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Download 11.0 Release Notes