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New Features in AAA 4.0

  • Automatic notes can be added to calculated variables and automatic date + initials can be added to input variables.
  • A list of all notes and a list of all locked variables can be exported.
  • The aerodynamic center can be plotted with the C.G. location.
  • A module for airfoil aerodynamic characteristics has been added where airfoil aerodynamic data can be entered and saved.
  • The power and thrust required is now calculated for each climb, cruise and loiter flight segment in the mission profile.
  • Propeller, engine and nacelle data has been made more specific per engine.
  • The engine location can now be defined as inside or outside of the fuselage.
  • The landing gear can now be defined to a specific nacelle/tailboom.
  • The landing gear X, Y and Z coordinates are flight condition dependent.
  • The landing gear has been made more specific per gear instead of landing gear class (e.g. main, nose).
  • The landing gear can be immersed in the propeller slipstream.
  • Dorsal fins can be added in a v-tail configuration.
  • A module for wind tunnel drag trendline has been added based on wind tunnel data.
  • Asymmetric thrust is automatically calculated based on the engine operating condition.
  • Airplane can now be trimmed with canard, flying wings and for 3-surface configurations.
  • Expansion of the help system.
  • 60+ Aircraft Examples: Single Engine and Twin Engine Aircraft; Business Jets; Commercial Transport Jets; Military Trainer, Military Fighter, Military Bomber and Military Transport Aircraft; Experimental Aircraft; UAVs; Gliders; Other Aircraft

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