Aircraft Modification

DARcorporation has years of experience in design, analysis and manufacturing of aircraft modifications for various applications, such as radomes, antennas, external cargo pods and/or re-engining. Our extensive experience in aircraft design, aerodynamic analysis, structural analysis and prototyping ensures any modifications are analyzed for effects and impacts on the aircraft aerodynamics, structures, performance and handling qualities.

Starting with a careful review of objectives and existing data, DARcorporation will offer an assessment of the consulting project including a cost and timeline projection. Your specifications will aid our engineers in designing your modification. Or, if you need a review of an existing modification, we will analyze your modified aircraft and provide detailed documentation covering the effects of the modification on the aircraft aerodynamics, performance and stability and control and make suggestions if the modification degrades aircraft performance. Our engineers have the capability to model and simulate aircraft external installations (e.g., radomes and stores) in various flow regimes including subsonic and transonic flow where both steady and unsteady flow characteristics are studied to calculate surface loads and the fluctuation of loads. The frequency and magnitude of the flow fluctuation are predicted in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help with structural analysis to guide potential material strength and fatigue analyses, thus providing higher confidence in the external installation integration to the aircraft.

DARcorporation can also provide manufacturing engineering support and oversee quality control when necessary.

Aircraft modification projects that DARcorporation has participated in include:

• AEL Industries KC-135R Modified Refueling System
• Basler BT-67 Ultra-WideBand Ice Radar
• Beechcraft C-12J Fuselage Radome
• Beechcraft King Air B200 Nose Mounted Radome
• Boeing 737-700 Satellite Communications Radome
• Boeing C-17 Radome Panel
• Boeing KC-135 Fuselage Antenna
• Cessna Citation XLS+ Icing Tanker Spray Boom
• Lear 60 Business Jet External Fuselage Locker
• Lockheed C-130 Hatch and Shoulder Panel Radomes
• NASA DC-8 MCoRDS Radar Integration
• NASA P-3 MCoRDS Radar Integration
• NOAA P-3 EcoSAR Radar Integration

Projects on External Modification on Aircraft

Proposal and Rates

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