Flight Testing

DARcorporation has over 25 years of flight testing experience. Besides evaluating flight test results and data, our engineers are capable of flight test planning including ground/flight test planning and preparation, organizing flight test cards, defining test procedures, addressing safety issues via risk management and instrumentation/configuration definition. After analyzing, processing and formatting the test data, our engineers can provide technical reports that document the results and findings. DARcorporation engineers also use this data to create aircraft flight manuals.

Projects in Flight Testing

Test Bed Services

DARcorporation has built a number of RC models which expand our data acquisition methods for new UAV designs and allow us to provide test bed services that can integrate your mission payload and characterize your propulsion systems.  We offer a full spectrum of in‑house and field-testing services performed by engineers with extensive Aerospace Flight Test Engineering experience.

DARcorporation in-house flying test bed services include:

  • Test Bed Aircraft
  • Test Pilot
  • Flight Test Engineers
  • Integration Engineering
  • Flight Test Plans and Reports
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Local RC airfield in close proximity with large runways
  • Rapid-Prototyping – 3D Printing, CNC foam wing cutter
  • Propulsion System Flight Testing
    • Propeller, Motor, ESC and Battery Testing
    • Determine propulsion system efficiencies
    • Determine Thrust vs. Airspeed

Scale RC Models

Proposal and Rates

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