Axial/Centrifugal Pump/Impeller Design & Analysis

DARcorporation offers consulting services in the development of axial/centrifugal pumps and impellers. Our engineers can start from idea to design to analysis, tailored to your desired application and required specifications.

Utilizing a rapid and powerful analytical method, DARcorporation has developed a tool to predict the performance of a centrifugal pump. This analytical method allows us to quickly perform trade studies between different geometry parameters when designing a pump impeller from scratch. When designing a pump, this in-house method has proven accurate in predicting trends and changes in performance based upon changing the geometry or working conditions.

Our team of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experts are proficient in the use of Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software that is capable of analyzing the flow characteristics of existing or new pump designs. Using CFD, we can accurately predict the performance of a pump in terms of head, flow rate and efficiency, as well as pinpoint local flow issues such as recirculation.

Through changes in the casing internal volume, DARcorporation can improve the flow characteristics by decreasing flow recirculation in the outlet and allow the flow to gradually expand to a higher pressure, which can augment the pump efficiency and/or performance.

Bench testing of existing pumps and prototype designs provides detailed information on head pressure, flow rate, rpm and efficiency. The bench testing capability of DARcorporation allows for the determination of pump performance at various working conditions via calibrated flow meters and pressure sensors.

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