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Software Training

Software training is structured for the engineer’s personal needs and projects. Training will be scheduled in 2-4 hour sessions and will be recorded; a link will be provided after the training is complete.

On-Line Training: 16 hours
Fee: $2,400.00
  • Fully understand FlightStream® user interface and basics
  • Become familiar with high fidelity surface-meshing and vorticity solver
  • Be able to model aircraft, propellers and jet engines
  • Perform post-processing and data analysis
  • Training example files include propeller driven airplanes & jet airplanes
Training Outline

Online Training is hosted by Zoom Meeting which delivers highly effective, live instruction to anyone and anywhere. Tailored to the type of training, we can share desktop showcasing the software or other resources like PDF or Powerpoint files. Audio portion will come from the use of computer speakers/microphone. Real time chat is also possible during the session. We can also provide post recordings for self-paced learning and review to maximize information retention. Multiple participants can take part in the same session.

Zoom System Requirements & Overview