Design & Analysis

Milner AirCar

DARcorporation was involved with the research, design & analysis of the patented Milner AirCar; a completely self-contained 4-door, 5-seat advanced-composite road-able aircraft (flying car).


DARcorporation cooperated on the design, simulation, fabrication & installation of P-3B/P-3 Orion radar integration: 15 MCoRDS radars as wing installations; Accumulation, Snow & Ku-band radars as bomb bay installations.

Glasair Merlin LSA

DARcorporation assisted on the stability & control analysis & aerodynamic analysis of the new Glasair LSA Merlin, including trim diagrams with corresponding control surface deflections, lift coefficients & wing span trade studies.


DARcorporation developed the wing mounted radar enclosures, participated in the analyses of aerodynamic characteristics & the structural configuration, all designed to withstand the extreme temperatures.

Basler BT-67

DARcorporation participated in the analyses of aerodynamic characteristics & structural configuration. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) cases are analyzed to generate aerodynamic loads, check for turbulence in the vicinity of the installation and optimize the aerodynamic shape.

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