DARcorporation is excited and pleased to announce the release of Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) Version 5.1!

New Features and Enhancements Include:

  • AAA 5.1 can import or export all data  using a single CSV file. Users can programmatically or manually generate this CSV file and populate an entire AAA file from scratch by importing.
  • AAA 5.1 can now export a meshed model for FlightStream® based on inputted geometry. Users can use FlightStream® for external, high-fidelity aerodynamic simulation of their aircraft design.
  • A new, 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) module has been added to AAA, containing all variables needed for a 6DOF flight simulator.
  • Users may generate simplified geometry for bodies, such as fuselage and nacelles using the new simplified geometry modules. These require much fewer inputs than the detailed geometry modules, saving time early in the design process.
  • AAA 5.1 now performs calculations of human center of gravity and moments of inertia based on a given height, weight and position. Body part center of gravity and moments of inertia are also calculated, useful for small General Aviation and experimental aircraft.
  • AAA 5.1 Help system has been updated to an HTML-based format and is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • AAA 5.1 now ships with over 1,300 airfoils with aerodynamic data, ready for users to use in their aircraft designs.

Download What’s New in AAA 5.1 (PDF)

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