DARcorporation is excited and pleased to announce the release of Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) Version 5.0!

New Features and Enhancements Include:

  • AAA 5.0 allows for increased flexibility in the types of configurations that can be designed. While previous versions needed a fuselage to be modeled, methods have been updated so that users can now design a true flying wing. With the current interest in VTOL configurations in mind, AAA 5.0 makes it easier to design aircraft with tilting wings for different flight conditions. The center of gravity of fixed equipment can either be kept constant or variable between different flight conditions to reflect different flight configurations.
  • Power effects such as blown wing effects are more accurately calculated, making AAA 5.0 well suited for Distributed Electric Propulsion configurations.
  • AAA 5.0 now includes the Inherent Tail Surface Area Sizing module, which calculates the required tail surface area for a given desired static margin. More elaborate than the conventional volume method, the new calculation takes into account changes in center of gravity and aerodynamic center due to the tail surface change. This is compatible with conventional horizontal tails, V-tails, canards and three-surface aircraft.
  • Users have more options for control surfaces such as drag rudders, differential canard and differential elevators.
  • The Weight, Aerodynamics and Stability & Control modules have been significantly overhauled to streamline the work flow. Weight, Center of Gravity and Moment of Inertia calculations have been split into different submodules. The Stability & Control module was restructured so the different functionalities are easier to find.

Download What’s New in AAA 5.0 (pdf)

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