September 13-17, 2021 – San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
Instructor: Dr. Willem Anemaat
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Course Description

This course provides an overview of airplane static and dynamic stability and control theory and applications, as well as classical control theory and applications to airplane control systems. An overview of flying qualities and regulations is included.


  • General airplane equations of motion
  • Review of basic aerodynamic concepts
  • Longitudinal aerodynamic forces and moments
  • Lateral-directional aerodynamic forces and moments
  • Thrust forces and moments
  • The concept of static stability
  • Applications of the steady state airplane equations of motion
  • Effects of the flight control system; control forces
  • Applications of the perturbed state equations of motion
  • Dynamic stability: short period, phugoid, dutch roll, spiral and roll mode
  • Review of flying qualities criteria
  • Introduction to human pilot transfer functions
  • Synthesis of stability augmentation systems

Comments & Reviews

  • “I felt the course will be immediately applicable to my current position and that the materials and knowledge from the class will continue to be useful in the future. The instructor was excellent and had a great command of the course material from both a theoretical and practical point of view.”
  • “Excellent coverage of theory, balanced with practical application. Good use of in-class assignments to ensure between of material presented in class. This class was an excellent review and served to reinforce my knowledge.” – Assistant Professor, ME – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • “It helped me to recharge my knowledge and understanding about Flight Dynamics, because I have background in aeronautical engineering. It will also help me with my works which are related to stability topics.”
  • “Dr. Anemaat presented the equations of stability and control in a way that was very easy to connect with real world application.”
  • “This course is a terrific overview of aircraft aerodynamics, flight mechanics and stability and control, taught from balanced academic and industry standpoints. The covered material includes derivations of (simplified” equations of motion, static stability, dynamic stability, and brief introduction to flying qualities and control law design.”
  • “Excellent Course!!! Thanks Prof. Anemaat for explanations and answering my questions. Excellent books and classroom examples.” – Dr. Felix Martinez, PhD – Universidad Pan Americana
  • “The workshop exercise was a useful application of the “good math” theory that was presented in class.”

About the Instructor: Dr. Willem Anemaat has been actively involved with more than 350 airplane design projects and has run many subsonic wind tunnel tests for clients. Anemaat has more than 25 publications in the field of airplane design and analysis; and is the recipient of the SAE 2010 Forest R. McFarland Award, Vice Chair of the AIAA Aircraft Design Technical Committee, an AIAA Associate Fellow and an associate editor for the AIAA Journal of Aircraft. Anemaat holds an M.S.A.E. degree from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from The University of Kansas.