Structural Design & Analysis

Structural design is carried out after the aerodynamic design is finished. Aerodynamic loads in the form of pressure distributions from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or experimental data are mapped into a finite element model. Load cases are determined based on IEC design standards for load factors and typical wind cases.

DARcorporation utilizes NEi NASTRAN to analyze the structure. Linear and non-linear cases are analyzed. The structure can be made out of steel, aluminum, glass fiber and/or carbon fiber or any combination thereof. A unique method has been developed by DARcorporation engineers to analyze the harmonic behavior of wind turbines. Unwanted vibrations are detected and designed out of the system.

Detailed modal analysis is carried out to determine the natural frequencies of the various components of the wind turbine. Frequency response and transient response analyses are also carried out to determine critical deflections under forced oscillations caused by changing wind direction. Interference between various components of the wind turbine is analyzed and the structure is designed as per the IEC or other regulations. The turbine is designed in such a way that the natural frequencies of the blades are different from the operating RPM. Detailed fastener analysis is carried out and all fasteners are sized appropriately.

The entire structural design is conducted to simplify transportation and assembly. Detailed CAD for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is generated in Siemens NX and can be translated into other CAD formats.

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