SharkCAD Pro Surfaces Modeling

Extensive Surface Tools

Shark supports nine surface types that are created by referencing curves.

Surface Tools

From left to right across the surface tool palette they are:

  • Infinite Plane: The Infinite Plane Surface is the simplest surface supported by Shark. An infinite plane is defined by a location and normal. The plane surface is useful for generating cross- sections through meshes, surfaces or solids.
  • Net: The Net Surface is created from a collection of m x n curves. The curves may be combinations of lines, splines, arcs, ellipses, conics or circles. Each curve must be a single curvature continuous curve. No groups (composited curves) are allowed. A point is allowed at either the start or end of the surface. The supplied curves do not need to be planar and do not need to touch.
  • Ruled and Skin: A Ruled Surface has straight spans between each section. Sections can be of any curve type. This tool is available from the sub-tool palette. A Skin Surface fits a network of NURBS patches to a collection of curve cross sections. The curves can either be all opened or all closed.
  • Cover: The Cover Surface is an extremely versatile and powerful utility for creating a surface from curves connected end to end. Curves suitable for cover surfaces include arcs, circles, lines, splines, ellipses, and conics. Curves are not required to be in a plane.
  • Revolution: The Surface of Revolution is used to model axis symmetric objects. The designer can choose from one of two methods:
    1. Revolve About 2 Points
      Revolve About Curve
  • Extrude: The Sweep Two Points surface sweeps a curve, collection of curves or group along two user supplied points that define the direction and length of the sweep.
  • Swept: The One Rail Sweep Surface sweeps a curve, collection of curves or group along a user supplied rail curve. The resulting surface is associative to both the path and sweep curve. Modifying either will automatically update the associative sweep surface.
  • Bi-rail: The Two Rail Sweep Surface tool creates a swept surface by sweeping an open or closed curve between two rail curves. The rail curves define the orientation and scale of the surface as it moves between the two curves.
  • Tube: Creates a tube or pipe surface along a curve with a given radius.

Fill & Cap Surfaces

Shark's unique fill and cap surfaces provide a means to create tangent continuous surfaces suitable for repairing and stitching surfaces into solids.

Fill Cap Surfaces

Fill Cap Surfaces

Fill Cap Surfaces

Thicken Surfaces

Precisely offset complex surfaces into a solid by using the thicken tool. The thicken tool also allows the user the choice to thicken a specific face or the entire solid.

Thicken Surfaces

Thicken Surfaces

Stitch/Repair/Heal Surfaces into Solids

The Stitch tool provides a way to stitch, or sew, separate surfaces together to make a solid body that is topologically complete.

Stitch collections of individual surfaces into water-tight volumes. Utilize options that repair and heal less than perfect connections.

Stitch Repair

G1/G2 Edge Modeling

The Match Surface tool modifies the surface continuity at a given edge to a referenced edge.

Match surface continuity between shared surface edges.

G1-2 Edge

Surface Analysis

Visualize surface quality using zebra, curvature, and environmental maps.

Surface Analysis

Associative Surface Modeling

Surfaces are associative to the original curves and parameters used to create the surface. Changing the curve will automatically change the dependent surface

Associative Surface