SharkCAD/SharkCAD Pro-AP Trial Request

SharkCAD/SharkCAD Pro-AP is a 15-day free trial that allows you to experience how easy it is to create world-class CAD designs. Along with AeroPack, you get unique drawing tools created specifically for airplane design.

Tools such as Create Airfoil, Wing Planform and Polyconic Surfaces allow airplane components to be 3D modeled with a matter of clicks. You can use Import Airplane tool to import geometry from Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) into SharkCAD Pro-AP as a 3D model.

After you submit your contact information, you will receive link (valid for 24 hours) to download your SharkCAD/SharkCAD Pro-AP 15-day trial. Please note, you must download the files on the same computer from which you submitted the form.

We comply with United States export regulations and may limit availability of our software.

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