NASA WFF (Wallops Flight Facility), University of Kansas and DARcorporation cooperated on the design, simulation, fabrication and installation of P-3B/P-3 Orion radar integration: 15 MCoRDS radars as wing installations; Accumulation, Snow, and Ku-band radars as bomb bay installations. The radar integration is in support to Operation IceBridge, which will enable scientists to survey the Earth's polar ice continuously during the gap after NASA's Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) stopped collecting science data in 2009 and before ICESat-2 is launched (planned for early 2016). DARcorporation engineers actively participated in this project by doing CAD design, aerodynamic trade studies, static and dynamic structural trade studies and fabrication. DARcorporation engineers analyzed 21 aerodynamic trade study cases and 12 static and dynamic structural trade study cases.