Structural Design & Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), coupled with analytical methods when necessary, is used to carry out multiple types of structural analyses including strength, stiffness, elastic stability, dynamic modes and responses (vibration suppression), fatigue, flutter, crash/impact, etc. Structural analysis software (Femap/Nastran, AFGROW, ZAERO, LS-DYNA, etc.) is used to model and analyze the structure, which can be made of metals (steel, aluminum, etc.), composites (glass, carbon, etc.) or any combination of metals and composites as well as bonded and fastened joints.

Pressure distributions, experimental or analytical, are mapped to the structural model to account for the aerodynamic loads. Inertial and thermal loads are also included in the FEA modeling and most load cases are based on LSA, U.S. Experimental Category, FAR 23, FAR 25 and U.S. MIL SPEC requirements.

Results such as stresses, deformations, buckling factors, natural frequencies, flutter speeds, impact forces etc. are compared against possible failure modes to ensure the structural integrity. The structural analysis yields selection of materials, material thicknesses, composite layup schedule and produces an optimized structural configuration.

Coupled with fatigue analysis, the structural service life is ensured. Detailed 3D CAD models and manufacturing drawings of the structural components can then be generated and used for parts production, assembly and quality control.

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