Aerodynamic Design & Analysis

DARcorporation engineers can perform detailed aerodynamic analysis on any flight vehicles using our experience and several Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages, such as Siemens STAR-CCM+ and Autodesk Simulation CFD. These CFD packages are used to simulate the air flow around aircraft and how the fluid interacts with the aircraft surfaces for any type of aircraft configuration. Coupled with our Advanced Aircraft Analysis software, the CFD results aid in aerodynamic and stability & control analysis for conventional and unconventional types of aircraft. DARcorporation also utilizes the Quasi-Vortex-Lattice Method, such as VORSTAB, to analyze both attached and vortex-separated flows to calculate longitudinal and lateral-directional aerodynamic characteristics for various aircraft configurations.

Using these CFD packages, we can also analyze and optimize airfoils to provide the optimal lift, drag, moments and pressure distribution for aircraft lifting surfaces such as wings, horizontal tails, vertical tails, canards and V-tails. The analytical methods used on wings and other lifting surfaces can be extended to blade analysis for rotors, including propellers, helicopters and wind turbine rotors. Based on Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory, we further developed and customized our software for initial aerodynamic design of propeller/fan blades that can handle unconventional blade shape. Using CFD to simulate rotation, we can quantify the full thrust curve of the propeller/fan. The pressure distribution over the blades is extracted from CFD and torque (and thus energy) curves are constructed. Using our own BEM software, we can design propellers/fans to maximize thrust and efficiency.

The pressure distributions obtained from the CFD analyses are also used in the structural design and analysis of the flight vehicles or blades. Based on the aerodynamic design, a wind tunnel model can be designed, constructed and tested. CFD simulation techniques can also apply to engine inlet design and engine duct flow behavior prediction.

Over the years, DARcorporation has developed a unique expertise in aerodynamic design of airplanes, wind turbines, fans, inlets and rotors.

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