Dr. Willem A.J. Anemaat


Dr. Willem A. J. Anemaat is president and co-founder of Design, Analysis and Research Corporation (DARcorporation), an aeronautical engineering and prototype development company. DARcorporation specializes in airplane design and engineering consulting services, wind and water tunnel testing and design and testing of wind energy devices. Dr. Anemaat is the software architect for "Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA)." Dr. Anemaat has been actively involved with more than 350 airplane design projects and has run many subsonic wind tunnel tests for clients. Dr. Anemaat has more than 25 publications in the field of airplane design and analysis. Dr. Anemaat is the recipient of the SAE 2010 Forest R. McFarland Award, Vice Chair of the AIAA Aircraft Design Technical Committee, an AIAA Associate Fellow and an associate editor for the AIAA Journal of Aircraft. Dr. Anemaat holds an M.S.A.E. degree from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from The University of Kansas.

Dr. Anemaat also teaches "Airplane Preliminary Design", "Airplane Flight Dynamics: Open and Closed Loop" and "Airplane Aerodynamic Design and Subsonic Wind Tunnel Testing" for the University of Kansas Continuing Education Short Course Program.

Willem Anemaat
Professional Preparation:

Delft University of Technology, Aerospace Engineering: M.S., 1987
The University of Kansas, Aerospace Engineering: Ph.D., 2007

Appointments & Awards: