Dr. Wanbo Liu

Chief Engineer

Dr. Liu is an expert in aerospace structural analysis and aircraft design in a broader sense. He led the engineering effort at DARcorporation on multiple consulting projects, such as the design and analysis of multiple external radar installations mounted on the NASA Lockheed P-3, NASA DC-8, NOAA Lockheed P-3 and the German Alfred Wegener Institute Basler BT-67 research airplanes, which all involved dissimilar materials under severe flight and environmental loads. Dr. Liu's contribution to NASA's Operation IceBridge (OIB) Airborne Radar Surveys won him the NASA Group Achievement Award in 2011. He also led multiple private company projects such as the loads and detailed structural analysis of a novel layout all-carbon general aviation airplane, the structural analysis of a business jet tail modification and etc. He is proficient in the use of Patran, Nastran, Femap, ZAERO, AFGROW, LS-DYNA, MATLAB and MathCAD. Dr. Liu is also the chief structural analyst for the Meridian UAV of the University of Kansas. Dr. Liu has been involved with the structural design and aeroelastic analysis of several novel wind turbines developed by DARcorporation. Dr. Liu is a senior member of AIAA.

Wanbo Liu
Professional Preparation:

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aerospace Engineering: B.S., 1998
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aerospace Engineering: M.S., 2001
The University of Kansas, Aerospace Engineering: Ph.D., 2008

Selected Experience: